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151 Ohio, Deaths, 1908-1932, 1938-2007 about Winifre A Prince
Name: Winifre A Prince
Birth Date: 1902
Birth Place: Ohio, United States
Gender: Female
Race: White
Death Date: 17 Apr 1986
Hospital of Death: Long-Term Care Facilities
Death Place: Toledo, Lucas, Ohio, USA
Certificate: 029946
Age at Death: 84
Certifier: Physician
Autopsy: Yes, used for certification
Social Security Number: 253-01-3147
Marital Status: Widowed
Industry of Decedent: Glass and glass products
Occupation of Decedent: Secretaries

Winifred M
152 U.S., Social Security Death Index, 1935-2014 about Winifred Prince
Name: Winifred Prince
SSN: 253-01-3147
Last Residence:
43603 Toledo, Lucas, Ohio, USA
BORN: 14 Jul 1901
Died: Apr 1986
State (Year) SSN issued: Georgia (Before 1951)

Winifred M
153 Name: Lila E Fleming
Death Date: 19 Jul 1951
County of Death: Richmond
Gender: F (Female)
Race: White
Age: 78 years
County of Residence: Richmnd
Certificate: 17040 
Lila Twiggs Erwin
154 On Monday, June 14, 2004 of Washington, D.C. Husband of the late Marion Dougherty Abbott married 47 years. Loving father of Marianne Warnock and her husband John W. of Grand Rapids, MI., James B. Abbott and his wife Barbara W. of Philadelphia, PA., Donald M. Abbott of Ft. Lauderdale, FL., Frank R. and his wife Margaret F. of Chevy Chase, MD., and Kevin L. Abbott of Alexandria, VA. Grandfather of 7.

Frank Leroy Abbott
155 Dr. Elias Georges Abu-Saba Passed away on September 28, 2006, after a brief battle with cancer. Friends and family had gathered together the previous weekend to celebrate Elias' life, where he read his own poetry, thanking family and friends who have graced his life. Born in the Lebanese village, Mia-Mia, in 1929 to Georges Abu-Saba and Sabat Saikaly, Elias grew up tending livestock, olives and citrus orchards on the family farm with 10 siblings. He attended Girard Institute and the American University of Beirut, (BS degree 1956), both established by the Presbyterian Church USA. He received his MS in civil engineering (1959) and Ph. D. (1969) from Virginia Polytechnic Institute. While at VPI, he met Mary Edith Bentley, a student from Randolph-Macon Woman's College where they were married in 1961. Employed as a structural engineer with Dalmo Victor Engineering Company in San Mateo, Elias then became a professor at the King Saud University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He won the Clarence Prouty Shedd Fellowship to study at the Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, 1964-65, pursuing his passion for contemplation and debate of philosophy, ethics and politics. Elias was always poet and engineer, translating visions into words and soaring structures. He wrote volumes of verse and built everything from houses to space station solar panels. After teaching and consulting at Bucknell University and Bradley University he became full professor at North Carolina A&T State University in 1975, where he taught for two decades, contributing to engineering research and authoring the textbook, The Design of Steel Structures. Working for peace in the Middle East among all peoples was Elias' avocation. He leaves us with love, memories and thousands of poems that remind us there is hope. Dr. Abu-Saba is survived by his wife, Dr. Mary Bentley Abu-Saba; daughter, Leila Abu-Saba MacLeod; son, Dr. Khalil Abu-Saba; son-in-law, David MacLeod; daughter-in-law, Sarah Phelan Abu-Saba; three grandchildren, Cyrus, Joseph and Jacob; two step-grandchildren, Rachel and Tony; two brothers; one sister and myriad family members. To contribute to the progress of cancer cure, his body has been lovingly donated to the UCSF School of Medicine. Memorial Service is at 4 pm, Sunday Oct. 8, Buena Vista United Methodist Church, 2311 Buena Vista Ave, Alameda, CA. In lieu of flowers, donations to the American Cancer Society are appreciated.

This article appeared on page Z - 99 of the San Francisco Chronicle on Thursday, October 5, 2006 
Elias Georges Abu-Saba
156 at-one-ment, the conclusion

We held the door open for a miracle, but none came. At least not in the hoped-for form. That’s the thing with miracles, they don’t necessarily obey orders.

I meant to ask David if there was a significance to the director’s chair in the pathway to the front door. I don’t remember if it was there when I arrived in the afternoon yesterday. I do remember stepping around it on the way to my car at 11:30 last night. It seemed a little like the cup for Elijah. But who were we waiting for? Leila to come back and sit on it?

I last saw her last week, on Thursday. The day the miracle workers came. The day of anointments. On Friday she was supposed to go home, to begin hospice. I got a message from someone that she would be staying in the hospital through Monday. That she wanted some time to absorb what had happened during the healings. Especially that last one with the monk, where he’d wrapped her in the mantle of a modern saint, crossed her forehead, eyes, cheeks, throat, and heart with sacred oils, prayed over her for 35 minutes in four languages.

I heard she wanted things to be all set up and ready for her. That she needed to rest and didn’t want visitors. I called her home and left a message to let her know I was aware of the schedule and thinking of her. So I was surprised when the phone rang Saturday morning and it was her.

I was almost out the door, with the grandparents, and Scott and Jonah, all of us bundled up and ready to head out to Tilden Park to ride the Steam Train. Leila was talking slowly, as she has done now for weeks, what with all the narcotics and the exhaustion of illness. She informed me she’d come home because the insurance wouldn’t cover her hospital stay anymore. They don’t have a line item for rest and contemplation.

I told her I was glad she was home and that I had to go. That I would talk to her later. How many times I’ve said that in these last six weeks of rollercoastering in and out of hospitals, towards and away from the brink of death? Why did I need to be so many other places? There simply is never enough time, never enough “laters.”

Sunday morning I called and left another message. I wanted to get her blog passwords, so I could use a service that turns blogs into books, for the kids. A few minutes later, she called. But not necessarily because I had called. One of those crossed wires moments. She fumbled who she was calling at first. “Johnny?” — “Julie,” I reminded her.

The hospital bed wasn’t working right and they couldn’t get it fixed because they had to go off hospice in order for her to be able to get one more procedure. A catheter that would drain the fluid from her tumors, paracentesis. A procedure she’d been traveling to San Francisco to receive once a week, to relieve the pressure. She was angry, frustrated.

She’d felt so sick in the night, she was shaking, she told me. Her husband wouldn’t let her call 911. “I was ready to let go,” she said. Whatever I said back was clearly insufficient because next she shouted at me, “THAT’S A REALLY BIG DEAL!”

She and her husband were sleeping on the sofa bed in the meantime. The old sofa bed that she’d slipcovered, but they’d had to take the slipcover off to open it out. She wanted to know if I might help her get a new sofa bed. Would IKEA deliver?

At this point David got on the phone and asked me to please not go buy them a sofa. He’s familiar by now with my tendency to take Leila’s requests and run with them. The toilet paper, the moisturizer, the pajama pants. But I assured him I wasn’t going to buy them a sofa. He explained that 911 wasn’t an option anymore. “Unless she breaks a limb, I have all the medications she needs here.”

I knew other friends were going to visit her that day, so off I went again into the swirl of grandparent and toddler time. On Monday when I called, she was too tired to talk. Or was that Tuesday? Yes. I’d waited till the grandparents left. A flurry of emails that day confirmed that Leila’s MFA professor and friend had offered to edit and publish her novel and Leila accepted.

On Wednesday, I went over to the house. A woman with long red hair and hazel eyes answered the door, a friend of Leila’s from almost 30 years ago, college and her New York period. Eva had flown up from L.A. for the day. Leila was asleep. Eva was cleaning out the refrigerator. Together we made a big pot of spaghetti sauce for David while he napped (Leila keeps him up at night like a newborn.) We stood in the kitchen and looked out at Leila, her sleeping face framed in the pass-through window. Eva told me: When I first met Leila, I was so in love with her. She was just so beautiful, and so fabulous. I told her I thought we would be friends forever, that we would grow old together. She looked at me in that way, (Eva mimics, creating a distance with a wave of one hand, upper torso pulling backwards) ‘Don’t be so presumptuous,’ she told me. But now, it’s almost come true.

When it was time for her to go back to the airport, Eva stood next to the hospital bed and talked to still-sleeping Leila, said goodbye, cried. I couldn’t hear her over the exhaust fan from the stove, but I could tell by the shape of her back what the conversation was.

I could not, have not, did not talk to Leila while she seemed out of it. I watched others do it. But I just couldn’t. For the most part.

That afternoon, I held her hand. Her skin was so dry, so I put lotion on. Each time the cold dab from the bottle touched her skin, she startled, eyes wide. I reassured her. Telling her exactly what I was doing, the same way I used to narrate diaper changes and such to Jonah when he was a newborn.

She never actually acknowledged me that day. I’m not sure she recognized me. I could tell she knew who David was, and when her mother came, I heard her say, Mom. Several times she tried to get out of bed and I tried to explain to her that she couldn’t. But it seemed impossible to explain. Her mind didn’t know the limitations of her body anymore. Eventually she’d give in and lie back down.

I talked a lot to David that day. True things we’ve been thinking and feeling. (Later, when others, Joni, one of the nurses, claimed that she could hear everything, even when we thought she wasn’t with us, wasn’t comprehending, I was grateful for the conversations I’d had with others in her presence, because we’d said things to each other I’d never gotten a chance to say to her.)

The next day, yesterday, her condition had declined even more. I got the news in an email that afternoon, that she was more out of it, that her lungs were full of fluid. I’d just been in the process of trying to organize a sign-up sheet, for those of us who wanted to visit, to keep David company with Leila. I said I’d come at 5:30. I looked around the room, trying to figure out what to do next, what to do until 5:30. I ended up grabbing some food from the fridge, to cook dinner for David and I, and walking out the door right then. I called the nanny. “Please prepare Jonah, let him know I won’t be here when he gets home.”

I was unprepared for the sound of someone breathing through fluid. Rough, jagged, bubbling breaths. Her head would move, her mouth open wide, gulping at the air. Her eyes were slightly open, unfocused. Is she awake or asleep? I asked.

I sat down on the couch, and for the first time in her and David’s presence, I cried.

The plan for the evening was this: Joni, who’d been there all afternoon, would go home and feed her dog. David was going to go pick up the kids and take them out to dinner as soon as the nurse arrived at 5:30. The meal I’d brought to cook for David would now be for Joni. Joni would come back around 6:30, and Meg would be on her way over at 7.

These events occur: I put ointment on Leila’s hands. A special salve made from shea butter and tea tree oil, prepared by a neighbor. Joni leaves. I sit down next to Leila and meditate. We used to meditate together. Etie arrives right on schedule, David leaves.

Etie administers Leila’s medications over the next hour, by droppers: morphine, haldol, something to ease the rasping in her throat. I ask her if she thinks Leila is still with us. She says no. The body has shut down. Her eyes aren’t focusing. The only organ working now is her heart.

I tell Leila, “Honey, I’m going to make pork chops for Joni and I in your kitchen. I hope that’s okay.”

Etie sits with me in the kitchen while I cut up apples for applesauce. Four apples from my garden. I slice each one into small pieces, making a pile of cores and peel. Etie asks me questions about Leila while I chop. I realize I am cutting very slowly. “I think this is therapeutic,” I say. “Leila was a really great cook,” I inform her, experimenting with the past tense while rooting through the spice cabinet, looking for cardamom, ginger. “This meal is an homage.”

Etie asks if Leila has kids, if I have kids, tells me she has six, all grown, still back in New Zealand. “I got divorced and I needed to live in a different country from my husband,” she says in a thick accent. She asks where Leila’s kids are. I tell her. “In my culture,” she says, “the kids would be with her. Everyone would be gathered around her.”

Etie goes out to the living room and sits with Leila while I eat my meal. Blackened pork chops with applesauce, fried potatoes, and salad dressed in lemon juice and cumin. Etie studies the posterboards of family photos we’d displayed at the Healing Circle event, less than two weeks ago, now placed against the wall at the head of the hospital bed. “She was very beautiful,” she says, “and so young.”

Joni arrives and joins me at the kitchen table. She says Leila’s breath sounds different. Worse. I can’t hear it exactly. As much as possible I’ve tuned it out, mentally turned it into the sound of a machine, rhythmic.

We talk about whether or not Meg is going to come over. It’s just 7. Did she get Joni’s email? Did she know David wasn’t going to be here but we were?

Meg arrives. She immediately starts crying, assuming that my presence in the house means Leila is already gone.

She comes in and we all hug, and then we start to putter. Do you think we should open these cards, put them out around the room? Perhaps not. The kids may come after she passes, maybe they wouldn’t want to see all the cards around. Meg, the organizer, goes through the mail, sorting out bills from the rest of the pile. Joni and I explain to Meg that David is out with the kids.

We hear a noise. What was that noise? Again.

Leila, vocalizing. A sound. A long moaning sound.

Is she in pain? No, she’d just had morphine a little bit ago. The three of us gather near her head, Etie stands near Leila’s feet, but at a distance. This is it, she tells us. Leila’s eyes focus, staring into Joni’s. I place my hands gently on Leila’s head, as I have done so many times in the last few weeks, and the last two days. I lean close to her. Meg is standing behind Joni. The bubbling in Leila’s breathing is gone. Her breaths are slower, farther apart. The three of us are all talking, crying, praying. Leila, you are so beautiful. We love you. Everything is going to be okay. Everything is okay. You did good. You did so many good things in this world. We love you. It’s okay.

“She’s gone,” says Etie.

I try closing her eyes, like they do in the movies, but the lids pop right back up. Etie explains that it takes a while. We position her head and I hold her jaw and eyelids closed while Joni and Meg start cleaning up. Joni calls David. Meg gathers all the medical gear and supplies and moves them into the garage, to make the room more hospitable, if the kids decide they want to see her.

Etie leaves. “Tell David, he doesn’t have to pay me for tonight,” she says.

After a while, I trade places with Joni, finishing up the dishes while she holds Leila’s face. I clean out the freezer. Meals will be arriving soon. I put out dried apricots, pretzels, pine nuts, remembering that my grandmother, right before her death, had made a list of items that she’d wanted for her funeral, such as white roses and sand from Israel to be placed on the casket, and no one could figure out why she’d written “pistachios” until finally we realized she’d meant, for the guests.

Arrivals: Her mother, David, the kids.

I call a few people to give them the news. My friend tells me of washing her father’s body after he had passed. A Jewish ritual.

The hospice nurse arrives. She says, “In this situation, I usually offer to wash and dress the body, if you would like me to do that.”


I choose a long turquoise middle eastern caftan with gold embroidery, the one I think she may have worn to the Healing Circle, though none of us can recall for certain. I show it to David and his eyes light up. Yes.

Joni, the nurse — whose physical beauty, like the startling handsomeness of every doctor and nurse at the hospital, Leila would definitely have remarked upon and appreciated — and I respectfully wash and dress Leila, put a necklace on her, cross her hands and rest them on her belly, lay a blue and white flowered coverlet over her feet.

It’s such a simple thing, and why bother, except that is possibly the one thing I am the most grateful for. That we gave Leila’s body this small dignity. Her face, the struggle removed, looked so peaceful and young. She was almost smiling.

by Julie Feinstein Adams 
Leila Elias Abu-Saba

By Mary Edith Bentley Abu-Saba

I meander on the beach, remembering your curls
The softness of your hair, the bounce in your step
Your stride that thrusts you way past me
Your unceasing flow of words, words, words….

I ache to see you today on the beach
To hear your streaming sentences
Your laughter at the boys chasing the sand pigeons
Your stream of opinions about the Middle East
The World, Politics, Whose In-Whose Out.

How could it happen so quickly—moving from a
Formidable force of joy, hopes, dreams and stories
To a still and somber body gasping for breath
Refusing to go quietly into The Other World?

I fantasized pulling you back, fighting to keep you here
“But her children need her!” was my argument with Fate
“She has much to say to so many people” was another
“Simply, we can’t do without her….so there!”

I walk in a dream-like state, trying to bargain still
Trying to think of just the exact thing I could have done
To twist your route toward continued abundant living
While walking with me on my path to the terrestrial garden

I wanted forty-seven more years of earthly encounters for you,
To read scores of books, and write fiercely
To argue with the obvious, To ask for the impossible
To shout your joy “Look! I am Alive!”

Silence overtook me, and finally…. I accepted.
Not easily, mind you, but with determination
To hold fast to our memories of your gleaming lights,
To love and care for those little ones you left behind.

And So Let It Be.

October 16, 2009 
Leila Elias Abu-Saba
158 Memorial Service
Saturday, October 17, 2009, at 2pm, at St. Lawrence O’Toole church, 3725 High Street, Oakland, Calif., 94619. 
Leila Elias Abu-Saba
Evelyn Rose Achord McMorris, 79 years old of Ponchatoula, LA, died Friday, August 29, 2008 in North Oaks Medical Center. She was born on Wednesday, November 7, 1928 in Frost, LA. Mrs. McMorris was a member of Living Way Church of Hammond. She loved working with plants and for many years was known for her beautiful ferns she sold at her nursery on Hwy 22 East of Ponchatoula. Surviving are daughter Sandy McMorris Beck; 2 sons, Jerry McMorris and Wayne McMorris; 10 grandchildren; 4 great-grandchildren; sister, Sue Achord McCrory; brother, Bill Achord. She is preceded in death by her husband, Adam John McMorris, Sr.; son, Johnny McMorris; parents, Jaddo and Alzora Achord; 3 sisters, Faye Achord Dodt, Leona Achord Jones and Vicky Achord Brescher; 3 brothers Melvin Achord, Cecil Achord and Jimmy Achord. Friends will be received Sunday, August 31, 2008, at the Harry McKneely & Son Funeral Home in Ponchatoula from 8:30 a.m. until the service at 12:00 noon with the Rev. De¹L George officiating. Interment will follow in the Sand Hill Cemetery, Ponchatoula, Louisiana. An on-line Guestbook is
available at http://www.harrymckneely.com

Obituary published in The Hammond Daily Star on: 8/31/2008
Evelyn Rose Achord
160 Obituary published in The Advocate (Baton Rouge): 3/11/2005

A resident and native of Ponchatoula, she died Thursday, March 10, 2005, at
North Oaks Medical Center, Hammond. She was 58, born Saturday, June 15,
1946. Survived by her husband, Clarence J. Brecher Jr. of Ponchatoula; a
son, Scott F. Brecher of Kiln, Miss.; a daughter, Paula A. Brecher of
Ponchatoula; two brothers, Melvin Achord of Baptist and Bill Achord of
Houston; two sisters, Sue McCrory of Hammond and Evelyn McMorris of
Ponchatoula; and three granddaughters, Jessica Brecher, Emily Brecher and
Logan Brecher, all of Ponchatoula. Preceded in death by her parents, Alzora
Hawkins Achord and Louis Achord; two brothers, Cecil and Jimmy Achord; and
two sisters, Faye Dodt and Leona Jones. Visiting at Harry McKneely & Son
Funeral Home, 2000 N. Morrison Blvd., Hammond, from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Friday, March 11, and from 8 a.m. until service at 10 a.m. Saturday, March
12. Burial in Sandhill Cemetery, Ponchatoula.  
Victoria Elizabeth Achord
161 Florida Death Index, 1877-1998

Name Michael Adams
Race White
Age at Death 35
Birth Date 17 Sep 1956
Death Date 25 Jan 1992
Death Place Pasco, Florida, United States

Michael Joseph Adams
162 U.S., Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007

Name Michael Joseph Adams
SSN 161469066
Gender Male
Race White
Birth Date 17 Sep 1956
Birth Place Pittsburgh A, Pennsylvania
Death Date 25 Jan 1992
Death Certificate Number 721
Type of Claim Original SSN.
Notes Oct 1969: Name listed as MICHAEL JOSEPH ADAMS; 03 Jun 1993: Name listed as MICHAEL J ADAMS

Michael Joseph Adams
163 U.S., Social Security Death Index, 1935-2014

Name Michael J. Adams
SSN 161-46-9066
Born 17 Sep 1956
Died 25 Jan 1992
State (Year) SSN issued Pennsylvania - 1969-1970

Michael Joseph Adams
164 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
165 Name: Julian Adamson
SSN: 263-07-0801
Last Residence:
32937 Satellite Beach, Brevard, Florida, USA
BORN: 22 Feb 1904
Died: Mar 1976
State (Year) SSN issued: Florida (Before 1951)

Julian Edward Adamson
166 Name: Julian E Adamson
Race: White
Age at Death: 72
Birth Date: 22 Feb 1904
Death Date: 1 Mar 1976
Death Place: Palm Beach, Florida, United States

Julian Edward Adamson
167 San Diego Union-Tribune - April 16, 2006


March 25, 1943-April 2, 2006

Hormoz B. Afshar, 63, of Escondido died April 2. He was born in Iran and was a food server for Holiday Inn.

Survivors include his sister, Shahrooz Afshar of Iran; and brother, Firooz Afshar of Escondido.

Services: have been held.

Arrangement: Williams San Diego Memorial Chapel. 
Hormoz B. Afshar
168 Name: Hormoz B. Afshar
SSN: 457-33-1635
Last Residence: 92025 Escondido, San Diego, California
Born: 25 Mar 1943
Died: 2 Apr 2006
State (Year) SSN issued: Texas (1975) 
Hormoz B. Afshar
169 NAME: Virgil Agan
SSN: 258-56-7319
30458 Statesboro, Bulloch, Georgia, USA
BORN: 30 Apr 1890
DIED: Sep 1982
STATE (YEAR) SSN ISSUED: Georgia (1954)

Virgil Francis Agan
170 NAME: Virgil F Agan
DEATH DATE: 10 Sep 1982
GENDER: M (Male)
RACE: White
AGE: 92 Years
DATE FILED: 15 Sep 1982

Virgil Francis Agan
171 Prominent Statesboro pastor dies after 70 years in ministry.

Elder Virgil F. Agan, 92, died Friday night at his residence after a long illness. The retired minister and former pastor of Statesboro Primitive Baptist Church was one of Bulloch County's most prominent clergymen. A veteran of 70 years in the ministry, he had served churches throughout Georgia, including Metter Primitive Baptist Church, Enon Church, and churches in LaGrange and Atlanta.

Elder Agan was born in Crothersville, Indiana and entered the ministry in 1911. He soon afterwards began his career in Georgia. He was a published author, having written numerous magazine articles, as well as a book, "Walk of Life", which gives a comprehensive record of his experiences as a minister, as well as the history of the Primitive Baptist Church.

The founder of the Statesboro Toast Masters Club, he was active in local civic affairs. He was a past president of the Statesboro Rotary Club, which named him a Paul Harris Fellow and the 1981 Man of the Year in Bulloch County. He was also a past president of the Statesboro Ministerial Association and a charter member of the Bulloch County Historical Society. During his 20 years as pastor of Statesboro Primitive Baptist Church, the Bible Study Program was started and the Bible Study Annex was constructed.

Elder Agan is survived by one daughter, Mrs. W. R. "Jenny" Smith of Statesboro; three grandchildren, Bob, Marian and Edwin Smith, all of Statesboro; and one sister, Mrs. Ova Metz of Indianapolis, Indiana.

Funeral services will be held at 3 p.m. today from the Statesboro Primitive Baptist Church with Elder W. H. Durrence, Elder John Shelton Mikell and Elder T. Roe Scott officiating. Burial will be in the East Side Cemetery in Statesboro.

Statesboro (Ga.) Herald - 12 Sep 1982

Virgil Francis Agan
172 U.S. World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946

Name: Alfred P Akelaitis
Birth Year: 1916
Race: White, citizen (White)
Nativity State or Country: Pennsylvania
State: Pennsylvania
County or City: Allegheny

Enlistment Date: 17 Mar 1941
Enlistment State: Pennsylvania
Enlistment City: Pittsburgh
Branch: Air Corps
Branch Code: Air Corps
Grade Code: Aviation Cadet
Component: Regular Army (including Officers, Nurses, Warrant Officers, and Enlisted Men)
Source: Civil Life

Education: 3 years of college
Civil Occupation: Postal Clerk or Photographer, Aerial (Aerial cameraman. ) or Photographer, Portrait or Cameraman, Motion Picture or Photographer (Photographer, camerman, still.) or Cameraman, Animated Motion Picture (Motion picture cameraman, animation.) or Photographer,
Marital Status: Single, without dependents
Height: 67
Weight: 155
Alfred P. Akelaitis
173 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
174 U.S., Social Security Death Index, 1935-2014

Name Irene A. Mitchell
SSN 466-46-1829
Last Residence Kentwood, 70444, Tangipahoa, Louisiana, USA
Born 21 Jan 1905
Died 21 Dec 1990
State (Year) SSN issued Texas - Before 1951

Irene Alexander
175 KIBLER, Eleanor Alexander, 92, of New Castle, Va., died Thursday, June 6, 2002. She was born in Tazewell, Va., the daughter of Eliza Gillespie and James Frank Alexander. She was a longtime member of New Castle United Methodist Church where she was a choir director and pianist for many years. She was preceded in death by her husband, David Bruce Kibler, Sr., three sons, Bennie Franklin Kibler, James Robert Kibler, Donald Alexander Kibler and one grandson, Gerald Hamilton Kibler. She is survived by a son, David Bruce Kibler, Jr. and wife, Doris of Thomasville, N.C.; a daughter, Sue Kibler Bostic and husband, Jack of New Castle, Va.; daughter-in-laws, Audrey H. Kibler, Ginger B. Kibler and Karen H. Kibler, all of Roanoke; one granddaughter, Debra Kibler Thomas; five grandsons, David Bruce Kibler, III, Bennie Franklin Kibler, Jr., James Robert Kibler, Jr., David Ray Bostic, Alexander Caldwell Kibler and 12 great-grandchildren. The family will receive friends from 6 to 8 p.m. Saturday, June 8, 2002, at the Paitsel Funeral Home, New Castle. Funeral services will be held Sunday, June 9, 2002, at 2 p.m. at the New Castle United Methodist Church with Rev. Larry Jent officiating. Interment will follow at Huffman Memorial Park. Arrangements by Paitsel Funeral Home, New Castle. Mary Eleanor Alexander
176 Mr. George Albert Allen, 2076 Battle Row, Augusta, Georgia, entered into rest Thursday, April 11, 1985, at his residence.

Funeral services will be conducted at 3 p.m. Saturday at Central Christian Church with the Revs. W. Donald Weaver and Robert Rayner officiating. Interment will be in the Westover Memorial Park.

Pallbearers will be Harry Agner, James Fowler, Laverne Hodo, Preston Johnson, W.L. Maddox, Milton Summerall, David Westerfield and James Wesson. Members of the Bennett Bible Class of Central Christian Church will be honorary pallbearers.

Mr. Allen was a native of Lanett, Alabama, and had lived in Augusta since 1938. He was retired rural carrier with the U.S. Postal Service and a veteran of World War II and the Korean War. He was a member of Central Christian Church, the Bennett Bible Class and the Retired Rural Postal Carriers Association.

Survivors include his wife, Lillie Rushton Allen; a daughter; Mrs. Owen (Carol) Fort, Evans, and three sisters, Carrie Mae Batey and Mary Cantrell, West Point, and Margaret Gatlin, Kissimmee, Florida.

Platt's Funeral Home.

George Albert Allen
177 Name: William G Allen
Social Security #: 568186785
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 16 Sep 1890
Birth Place: South Carolina
Death Date: 16 Apr 1975
Death Place: Los Angeles

William Gaston Allen
178 Texas Death Index:
Name: Glenn Allison
Death Date: 29 Sep 1972
Death County: Midland
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single 
Glenn Lee Allison
179 Obituary for Joseph Phillip Allmand
Joseph "Joe" Phillip Allmand

Joe, age 34, passed away on Friday, October 21, 2016 at North Oaks hospital surrounded by his loving family. He was a long time resident of Independence, LA. Joe was an extremely hard worker and worked for many years as a Technician at Berry Land Campers. He enjoyed horseback riding and riding his motorcycle. Joe had a knack when it came to animals and could train them to do just about anything. He always liked to play with his dog, Spartacus and enjoyed teaching him new tricks. Joe?s children were his world and he always placed his family first. He was a kind, loving, bighearted man who will be missed by all.

Joe is survived by his loving wife of 14 years, Amber Allmand; daughters,
Skylar and Kristi Allmand; son, Caleb Allmand; mother, Robin Allmand; and grandparents, Joseph and Barbara Prattini.

He was preceded in death by his father, William Dickey Allmand III; grandmother, Sharon Prattini; and grandparents, William and Josie Allmand Jr.

Relatives and friends are invited to attend the visitation from the chapel of Brandon G. Thompson Funeral Home, Hammond, on Wednesday, October 26, 2016 from 5:00 p.m. until the funeral service at 7:00 p.m.

In lieu of flowers donations may be made to the funeral home in honor of Mr. Joe.

Condolences and other information are available online at www.thompsoncares.com.

Arrangements have been entrusted to Brandon G. Thompson Funeral Home.

Joseph Phillip Allmand
180 Name: Helen Pickett
[Helen Alston]
Birth Date: abt 1899
Birth Place: Stewart County, Georgia
Death Date: 22 Dec 1922
Death Place: Richland, Stewart
Death Age: 23
Race: White
Ethnicity: American
Marital Status: Married
Gender: Female
Father Name: N C Alston
Mother Name: Bertha Clegg
Spouse Name: Muscow Pickett
FHL Film Number: 2320469

Helen Alston
181 Homer E. Alverson

Homer Eugene Alverson, 84, of Simpsonville, died Wednesday, Dec. 18, 2002, at Summit Place in Simpsonville.

He was the son of the late Posey Alverson and Rhodi Pearson Alverson. Mr. Alverson was retired from Cryovac, and was a member of Bethany Baptist Church, where he served as a deacon.

He is survived by two daughters, Elizabeth Bayne of Simpsonville and Debra Ramsey of Easley; four sons, Gene Alverson of Simpsonville, Harold Alverson of Simpsonville, Ken Alverson of Fountain Inn and Benny Alverson of Easley; 18 grandchildren; and 20 great-grandchildren. He was predeceased by one daughter, Loraine Harris; and one son, Ted Alverson. He was the last surviving member of his immediate family.

Funeral services will be conducted at 3 p.m., Dec. 20, 2002, at Bethany Baptist Church, with the Rev. Ron Culberson officiating. Burial will be at the church cemetery. The family will receive friends from 2 to 3 p.m., at the church, prior to the service.

The family is at the home of Gene Alverson, 109 Cooper Drive, Simpsonville

Homer Eugene Alverson
182 Zenovia "June" Maestrales

Zenovia "June" Maestrales went to be with God on Easter Sunday, April 24, 2011.

June was born on June 19, 1922, in Mobile, Ala.

Mrs. Maestrales was a loving mother and sister who was kind and compassionate to all who knew her. Her quick wit and ready smile made her a friend to everyone she met.

Mrs. Maestrales grew up in Mobile, Ala., where her family owned a restaurant. While visiting relatives in Chios, Greece, she met and married Zacharias Maestrales. Together, in 1953, they opened the Sea Horse Drive In restaurant in Fort Walton Beach. They owned and operated several restaurants over the years. Mrs. Maestrales attended both the University of Montevallo and Auburn University.

She was predeceased by her parents, James George Andreades and Efpithia Mavropoulos; her brother, George Andreades of Mobile; and her husband, Zacharias "Jack" C. Maestrales. Mrs. Maestrales is survived by her devoted children, Kiki Maestrales of Shalimar, Fla., Dena Maestrales (Phil) of Valparaiso, Fla., Beba Mijares (Rudy), and George Maestrales (Bobbie) of Fort Walton Beach, Fla.; and her sister-in-law, Frances Andreades of Montgomery.

There will be no formal memorial service. Mrs. Maestrales asked that anyone who wishes to honor her, please make a donation to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, 262 Danny Thomas Place, Memphis, TN, 38105 or http://shop.stjude.org/GiftCatalog/donation

Arrangements are entrusted to Emerald Coast Funeral Home, 113 Racetrack Road N.E., Fort Walton Beach. Expressions of sympathy may be viewed or submitted online at www.emeraldcoastfuneralhome.com

Published Online in Northwest Florida Daily News from Apr. 28 to Apr. 29, 2011

Funeral Home
Emerald Coast Funeral Home
161 Racetrack Rd NW Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547
(850) 864-3361
Zenovia Andreades
183 Name: Wallace Andrews
SSN: 260-58-1205
Last Residence:
31731 Camilla, Mitchell, Georgia, USA
BORN: 12 Mar 1900
Died: May 1967
State (Year) SSN issued: Georgia (1956)

Wallace Reid Andrews
184 Name: Wallace R Andrews
Death Date: 12 May 1967
County of Death: Randolph
Gender: M (Male)
Race: White
Age: 67 Years
County of Residence: Randolph
Certificate: 016102

Wallace Reid Andrews
185 Name: Wallace R. Andrews
Last Residence:
39846 Edison, Calhoun, Georgia, USA
BORN: 6 Apr 1924
Died: 10 Jun 2005
State (Year) SSN issued: Georgia (1956)

Wallace Reid Andrews
186 Etta M. Covel, 91, entered into rest Tuesday July 3, 2007 at Chris Jensen Health Center. She was born in Alborn, Minn. to Jim and Katherine (Bradley) Andrus. Etta was very active in the Seventh Day Adventist Church, serving as treasurer, and also working with the children for several years. She is preceded by her husband Virgil Covel; her parents; granddaughter Jeannie; sisters Marcella, Hazel, Lizzie, brothers Walter, Albert and Addie. Etta is survived by daughter Ruby Erickson; son James (Edie) Covel; grandchildren Dan, Rhonda, Marguerite, Erika, Virgil, Kathy; 16 great-grandchildren; sister Minnie Erickson; nieces Dorothy Kelleher, Bonnie Skillings, many other nieces and nephews. FUNERAL SERVICE:2 p.m. Saturday, July 7, 2007 in First Memorial Funeral Chapel, 4100 Grand Ave., Duluth (218) 624-5050. Visitation one hour prior to services and a reception following. Pastor Virgil Covel will be officiating services. Etta M Andrus
187 Minnie Mildred Erickson

The memorial service for Minnie Mildred Erickson, 96, formerly of Littlefork, Minn., will be at 11 a.m. Thursday, Oct. 11, 2007, in Littlefork Lutheran Church, Littlefork, Minn., with the Rev. Heather Wigdahl officiating.

Burial will be in Oakley Cemetery, Littlefork.

Minnie Mildred Erickson died Wednesday, Sept. 19, at Chosen Valley Care Center, Chatfield, Minn., where she resided since May 28, 2002.

Minnie was born Dec. 23, 1910, in Alborn, Minn., to James and Katherine (Bradley) Andrus. She graduated from Central High School in Duluth in 1927 and attended the University of Duluth for two years.

She married James Leslie Erickson Dec. 23, 1941, in Littlefork. He has since passed away.

Minnie was a member of Littlefork Lutheran Church. She loved to read, paint, cook, garden and travel.

Survivors include three sons, James (Nancy) Erickson of Littlefork, Bradley (Sue) Erickson of Rothsay, Minn., and Robert (Leah) Erickson of Grand Rapids, Minn.; two daughters, Andrene (Gary) Blezek of Chatfield, and Irene (Terry) Monfeldt of Littlefork; 13 grandchildren; and 13 great-grandchildren.

She was preceded in death by her husband, a great-granddaughter, four brothers, and four sisters.

Visitation will be one hour before the service Oct. 11, at Littlefork Lutheran Church, Littlefork.

Riley Funeral Home, Chatfield, is assisting the family with arrangements.

The Daily Journal, 5 Oct 2007 
Minnie Mildred Andrus
188 Anouilh - Etienne Anouilh, on Tuesday, November 10, 1931, at 10:22 O'clock P.M., aged 58 years 7 months, beloved husband of Alice Tujague and father of Olga, Marie, Robert and Hilda Anouilh, A native of France, and a resident of this city for the past 40 years. The relatives, friends and acquaintances of the family, also the officers and members of L'alliance Franco Louisianaise, French Society, 14th of July Society, Perseverance Lodge No. 4, F. & A. M., Cervantes Bodies, Nos. 4 and 7, and Grand Consistory of Louisiana, 32nd Degree, are respectfully invited to attend the funeral which will take place Thursday, November 12, 1931, at 3 o'clock P.M., from the Laudumiey Funeral Home, 1225 North Rampart Street, near Governor Nicholls. Services at Perseverance Lodge No. 4, F. & A. M. (corner Dumaine and St. Claude Streets) at 3:30 P.M.

Interment in St. Louis Cemetery No. 3, Esplanade Avenue.

Etienne Anouille
189 Rau - Olga Anouilh Rau, age 93 years, passed away in Covington, La, on Wednesday, November 6, 2002.

A lifelong resident of New Orleans, La. After retirement from LP&L she made her home in Abita Springs, La. Daughter of the late Alice Tujague Anouilh and Etienne Anouilh. Sister of the late Marie Anouilh Phillips, Robert E. Anouilh and Hilda Anouilh Dassel. Aunt of 9 nieces and nephews and numerous great-nieces and great-nephews.

Visitation will be Monday, November 11, 2002 from 10:00 A.M. until 11:00 A.M. at St. Jane Chantal Church, 72040 Maple St., Abita Springs, La. Mass will follow at 11:00 A.M. in the church. Graveside service will be held at 2:00 P.M. at St. Louis No. 3 Cemetery on Esplanade Ave., New Orleans, La.

Schoen Funeral Home, 1414 S. Tyler St., Covington, La in charge of arrangements.

Times Picayune 11-10-2002

Olga Anouille
190 Clara Archer Vinson, age 96, died Thursday, July 24, 2008.

Graveside services will be at 10:30 a.m. Saturday at Baldwin Memorial Gardens with the Rev. Jerry Bradley officiating.

Mrs. Vinson was a native of Washington County but made her home in Wilkinson and Baldwin counties. She was a retired employee of Central State Hospital and was the widow of the late Leonard Vinson. She was a member of Macedonia Baptist Church.

Survivors include her niece, Inez Vinson of McIntyre and several other nieces and nephews.

Clara Archer
191 Name: Clara A. Vinson
Last Residence: 31054 Mc Intyre, Wilkinson, Georgia
BORN: 1 May 1912
Last Benefit: 31061, Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia
Died: 24 Jul 2008
State (Year) SSN issued: Georgia (Before 1951)

Clara Archer
192 Name: Myrtie Fousse
SSN: 434-08-9960
Last Residence: 70005 Metairie, Jefferson, Louisiana, United States of America
Born: 14 Aug 1895
Died: Jul 1979
State (Year) SSN issued: Louisiana (1973) 
Myrtle Ann Argus
193 Social Security Death Index

Name Myrna L. Rose
SSN 427-10-3702
Last Residence Terry, 39170, Hinds, Mississippi, USA
Born 19 Nov 1919
Last Benefit Terry, 39170, Hinds, Mississippi, United States of America
Died 24 Jan 2004
State (Year) SSN issued Mississippi - Before 1951

Myrna Lapearl Armour
194 Georgia Deaths, 1919-98 about May A Jordan
Name: May A Jordan
Death Date: 26 Mar 1981
Gender: F (Female)
Race: White
Age: 84 Years
County of Residence: Richmond
Certificate: 900603
Date Filed: 7 Apr 1981

Annie May Armstrong
195 North Carolina, Death Collection, 1908-2004 about May Armstrong Jordan
Name: May Armstrong Jordan
Gender: Female
Race: White
Marital Status: Widowed
Social Security Number: 259102867
Age: 84
Date of Birth: 31 Jul 1896
Birth Location: Georgia
Birth State: Georgia
Residence State: Georgia
Date of Death: 26 Mar 1981
Death City: Raeford
Death County: Hoke
Death State: North Carolina
Institution: Nursing and Rest Homes
Attendant: Physician
Burial Location: Burial out of state
Source Vendor: NC Department of Health. North Carolina Deaths, 1979-82

Annie May Armstrong
196 Annie WIMBERLY
Birth Date: 14 Oct 1892
Death Date: Sep 1966
Social Security Number: 199-05-4905
State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: Pennsylvania

Death Residence Localities
ZIP Code: 31815
Localities: Lumpkin, Stewart, Georgia
Annie Morris Armstrong
197 Buried: Memory Hill Cemetery, Milledgeville, GA - West side, Section E, Lot 39, Person 2 Annie Morris Armstrong
198 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
199 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
200 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living

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