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Macon, Bibb, Georgia

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Tree: Martin Family
City/Town : Latitude: 32.8406946, Longitude: -83.6324022

Tree: Niblett Family
City/Town : Latitude: 32.8406946, Longitude: -83.6324022


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Barnes, Emily Winifred  11 Sep 1885Macon, Bibb, Georgia I0292 Martin Family 
2 Bartlett, Florence Gertrude  09 Oct 1897Macon, Bibb, Georgia I1019 Niblett Family 
3 Bauchman, James Edward  27 Jul 1940Macon, Bibb, Georgia I307742 Martin Family 
4 Bauchman, John M  24 May 1925Macon, Bibb, Georgia I307738 Martin Family 
5 Bauchman, Martha Mae  17 Aug 1928Macon, Bibb, Georgia I307739 Martin Family 
6 Bayne, Cathryn M.  18 Jun 1913Macon, Bibb, Georgia I7901 Martin Family 
7 Bayne, Claire Weaver  06 Jan 1925Macon, Bibb, Georgia I1181 Martin Family 
8 Bayne, Dorothy Randle  06 Mar 1909Macon, Bibb, Georgia I0046 Martin Family 
9 Bayne, Edward Stuart  12 Aug 1909Macon, Bibb, Georgia I0668 Martin Family 
10 Bayne, Elisabeth  14 Jun 1906Macon, Bibb, Georgia I0045 Martin Family 
11 Bayne, Frances Ida  08 May 1921Macon, Bibb, Georgia I4445 Martin Family 
12 Bayne, Harriet Elizabeth  20 Feb 1920Macon, Bibb, Georgia I1001 Martin Family 
13 Bayne, John Kenneth  18 Nov 1918Macon, Bibb, Georgia I294857 Martin Family 
14 Bayne, Lester M  26 Jul 1880Macon, Bibb, Georgia I0237 Martin Family 
15 Bayne, Louise Valentine  14 Feb 1911Macon, Bibb, Georgia I0048 Martin Family 
16 Bayne, Martha Elizabeth  13 Apr 1924Macon, Bibb, Georgia I5735 Martin Family 
17 Bayne, Mary Armstrong  4 Jan 1917Macon, Bibb, Georgia I0890 Martin Family 
18 Bayne, Mary Edith  14 Jun 1902Macon, Bibb, Georgia I0043 Martin Family 
19 Bayne, Morris Singleton  10 Oct 1911Macon, Bibb, Georgia I0779 Martin Family 
20 Bayne, Randle Adolphus  25 Nov 1900Macon, Bibb, Georgia I0042 Martin Family 
21 Bayne, Samuel Ernest  23 Jun 1899Macon, Bibb, Georgia I0041 Martin Family 
22 Bayne, Samuel Randle  21 Jul 1925Macon, Bibb, Georgia I5734 Martin Family 
23 Bayne, Sidney Randle  30 Nov 1903Macon, Bibb, Georgia I0044 Martin Family 
24 Bowden, William Darrell  01 Nov 1936Macon, Bibb, Georgia I1240 Niblett Family 
25 Bower, Oliver Wilson  28 Dec 1915Macon, Bibb, Georgia I306933 Martin Family 
26 Burr, Alice  Macon, Bibb, Georgia I309663 Martin Family 
27 Burr, Cora  Macon, Bibb, Georgia I309664 Martin Family 
28 Burr, Eleanor  Macon, Bibb, Georgia I309673 Martin Family 
29 Burr, Emily  Macon, Bibb, Georgia I309660 Martin Family 
30 Burr, George W  Macon, Bibb, Georgia I309662 Martin Family 
31 Burr, Howard  Macon, Bibb, Georgia I309661 Martin Family 
32 Caraker, Jacob W.  Abt 1869Macon, Bibb, Georgia I103882 Martin Family 
33 Chambless, Lee Estella  23 Sep 1872Macon, Bibb, Georgia I302649 Martin Family 
34 Craig, Howard Wood  17 Feb 1897Macon, Bibb, Georgia I308756 Martin Family 
35 Detwyler, Carl Morris  2 Feb 1920Macon, Bibb, Georgia I5527 Martin Family 
36 Grace, Annie Pauline  12 Sep 1886Macon, Bibb, Georgia I302017 Martin Family 
37 Grace, George B  24 Jan 1879Macon, Bibb, Georgia I302013 Martin Family 
38 Grace, George Benjamin  17 Mar 1919Macon, Bibb, Georgia I1301 Martin Family 
39 Grace, Jere Dean  11 Sep 1884Macon, Bibb, Georgia I302016 Martin Family 
40 Grace, John Lemuel  06 Jan 1881Macon, Bibb, Georgia I1298 Martin Family 
41 Grace, Marnie D  07 Jul 1877Macon, Bibb, Georgia I302014 Martin Family 
42 Grace, Milton M  14 Nov 1882Macon, Bibb, Georgia I302015 Martin Family 
43 Griffin, Jacquelyn Deborah  20 Jul 1953Macon, Bibb, Georgia I305375 Martin Family 
44 Griffin, Terry Wayne  20 Jan 1952Macon, Bibb, Georgia I305369 Martin Family 
45 Hataway, Roger Virgil  07 Apr 1939Macon, Bibb, Georgia I1243 Niblett Family 
46 Heard, Eula Lee  07 Nov 1865Macon, Bibb, Georgia I302048 Martin Family 
47 Hopkins, Dan Walton  22 Apr 1937Macon, Bibb, Georgia I305881 Martin Family 
48 Johnson, Mamie Cornelia  17 Feb 1879Macon, Bibb, Georgia I202 Niblett Family 
49 Kelley, Kenneth Howard  04 Feb 1964Macon, Bibb, Georgia I309109 Martin Family 
50 Kinnett, James Taylor  01 Apr 1907Macon, Bibb, Georgia I304034 Martin Family 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Arlene  10 Aug 2005Macon, Bibb, Georgia I303758 Martin Family 
2 Georgia H  10 Mar 1986Macon, Bibb, Georgia I701 Niblett Family 
3 Adams, Dana Herbert  11 Jun 1978Macon, Bibb, Georgia I6040 Martin Family 
4 Austin, Iris Elena  04 Apr 2003Macon, Bibb, Georgia I299886 Martin Family 
5 Avant, John Freeman  20 Nov 1890Macon, Bibb, Georgia I296762 Martin Family 
6 Bauchman, John M  24 May 1994Macon, Bibb, Georgia I307738 Martin Family 
7 Bayne, Elisabeth  11 Dec 1910Macon, Bibb, Georgia I0045 Martin Family 
8 Bayne, John Kenneth  29 May 1920Macon, Bibb, Georgia I294857 Martin Family 
9 Bayne, Louise Valentine  13 Nov 2003Macon, Bibb, Georgia I0048 Martin Family 
10 Bayne, Randle Adolphus  12 Sep 1901Macon, Bibb, Georgia I0042 Martin Family 
11 Bayne, Samuel Ernest  18 Jan 1957Macon, Bibb, Georgia I5462 Martin Family 
12 Blaxton, Daniel Edwin  18 Jul 2005Macon, Bibb, Georgia I305720 Martin Family 
13 Blaxton, Doyal Dwayne  22 Sep 2015Macon, Bibb, Georgia I305716 Martin Family 
14 Blaxton, Doyal Memphis  03 Dec 2012Macon, Bibb, Georgia I305714 Martin Family 
15 Bowden, William Edward Charles  10 Oct 1969Macon, Bibb, Georgia I1239 Niblett Family 
16 Bryant, Charles Harold  20 Oct 2005Macon, Bibb, Georgia I187 Niblett Family 
17 Bryant, Elton Ray  25 Sep 2006Macon, Bibb, Georgia I186 Niblett Family 
18 Bryant, Lorenzo Dyer  03 Mar 1928Macon, Bibb, Georgia I189 Niblett Family 
19 Bryant, Myrtle Jewell  27 May 2007Macon, Bibb, Georgia I26 Niblett Family 
20 Bryant, Ruby L  12 Jun 1988Macon, Bibb, Georgia I185 Niblett Family 
21 Bryant, William Fort  27 Apr 1957Macon, Bibb, Georgia I191 Niblett Family 
22 Caldwell, Yancey N  04 Aug 1976Macon, Bibb, Georgia I1238 Niblett Family 
23 Cannington, James Franklin  15 Jun 1975Macon, Bibb, Georgia I299754 Martin Family 
24 Cannington, Lucy Aliceteen  01 Mar 1998Macon, Bibb, Georgia I299750 Martin Family 
25 Cannington, Rhonda V  06 Mar 2017Macon, Bibb, Georgia I309163 Martin Family 
26 Cannon, Roger Terrence  15 Oct 2011Macon, Bibb, Georgia I2087 Martin Family 
27 Caraker, Jacob W.  16 Dec 1921Macon, Bibb, Georgia I103882 Martin Family 
28 Carroll, Ruby Lee  23 Jan 1955Macon, Bibb, Georgia I1909 Martin Family 
29 Cheatham, Thomas Alexander  07 Dec 1931Macon, Bibb, Georgia I309478 Martin Family 
30 Cherry, Jane Elizabeth  24 May 1900Macon, Bibb, Georgia I309116 Martin Family 
31 Clark, Kenneth B  21 Feb 2015Macon, Bibb, Georgia I303757 Martin Family 
32 Compton, William DeWitt  21 Jan 1938Macon, Bibb, Georgia I296559 Martin Family 
33 Cook, Billy Davis  20 May 1997Macon, Bibb, Georgia I300119 Martin Family 
34 Craig, George W  23 Apr 1910Macon, Bibb, Georgia I308754 Martin Family 
35 Craig, Howard Wood  27 Nov 1966Macon, Bibb, Georgia I308756 Martin Family 
36 Crooms, Bernard Luther  17 Apr 2011Macon, Bibb, Georgia I1001 Niblett Family 
37 Davis, Dorothy Angelle  31 Jul 2002Macon, Bibb, Georgia I7440 Martin Family 
38 Davis, Harry L  17 Jun 1976Macon, Bibb, Georgia I299360 Martin Family 
39 English, Wilson Matthew Jr  27 Mar 1918Macon, Bibb, Georgia I304228 Martin Family 
40 Everidge, Hattie Leona  25 Jun 1993Macon, Bibb, Georgia I305770 Martin Family 
41 Faircloth, Johnnie Anna Eliza  15 Jan 1946Macon, Bibb, Georgia I545 Niblett Family 
42 Fowler, Mary Joyce  12 Sep 2014Macon, Bibb, Georgia I305715 Martin Family 
43 Gardner, Charlie Ross  18 Dec 1978Macon, Bibb, Georgia I301882 Martin Family 
44 Garrette, Garland Burke  21 Sep 1987Macon, Bibb, Georgia I1164 Martin Family 
45 Garrette, Monroe Lee  30 Apr 2012Macon, Bibb, Georgia I1240 Martin Family 
46 Grace, Annie Pauline  05 Jan 1959Macon, Bibb, Georgia I302017 Martin Family 
47 Grace, George B  18 Oct 1899Macon, Bibb, Georgia I302013 Martin Family 
48 Grace, John Lemuel  19 Dec 1942Macon, Bibb, Georgia I1298 Martin Family 
49 Grace, John Thomas  19 May 1908Macon, Bibb, Georgia I1299 Martin Family 
50 Grace, Marnie D  20 Jan 1932Macon, Bibb, Georgia I302014 Martin Family 

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Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Buried   Person ID   Tree 
1 Poythress, Marion Howland  17 Sep 2006Macon, Bibb, Georgia I7441 Martin Family 


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 Childs / Bayne  25 Dec 1918Macon, Bibb, Georgia F0357 Martin Family 
2 Balk / Armstrong  19 Jun 1919Macon, Bibb, Georgia F1058 Martin Family 
3 Bentley / Bayne  14 Jun 1930Macon, Bibb, Georgia F1605 Martin Family 
4 Thomason / Kitchens  17 May 1942Macon, Bibb, Georgia F73 Niblett Family 

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