0005aphoto (3K) Martin Family History and Ancestry


Laurens County, Georgia

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Tree: Martin Family
County/Shire : Latitude: 32.433014, Longitude: -82.9931607

Tree: Niblett Family
County/Shire : Latitude: 32.433014, Longitude: -82.9931607


Matches 1 to 49 of 49

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Beck, Grace  13 Oct 1917Laurens County, Georgia I295333 Martin Family 
2 Bower, James Coney  31 Oct 1905Laurens County, Georgia I306929 Martin Family 
3 Crooms, Bernard Luther  21 Oct 1931Laurens County, Georgia I1001 Niblett Family 
4 Cullens, Hattie Mae  08 Mar 1923Laurens County, Georgia I305738 Martin Family 
5 Faircloth, Dalton  07 Aug 1905Laurens County, Georgia I569 Niblett Family 
6 Faircloth, David John  05 Jun 1880Laurens County, Georgia I557 Niblett Family 
7 Faircloth, Dora  07 Aug 1905Laurens County, Georgia I570 Niblett Family 
8 Faircloth, Edward Lamar  17 Oct 1875Laurens County, Georgia I549 Niblett Family 
9 Faircloth, Florence Valeri  12 Sep 1911Laurens County, Georgia I478 Niblett Family 
10 Faircloth, George Effiel  12 May 1913Laurens County, Georgia I562 Niblett Family 
11 Faircloth, Homer Larry  12 Sep 1882Laurens County, Georgia I559 Niblett Family 
12 Faircloth, Luther Augustus  16 Aug 1886Laurens County, Georgia I565 Niblett Family 
13 Faircloth, Odis Keifer  10 Mar 1898Laurens County, Georgia I470 Niblett Family 
14 Faircloth, Robert Larry  15 May 1851Laurens County, Georgia I543 Niblett Family 
15 Faircloth, Robert Matthew  17 Mar 1884Laurens County, Georgia I564 Niblett Family 
16 Faircloth, Ruth Omer  13 Apr 1878Laurens County, Georgia I555 Niblett Family 
17 Faircloth, Samantha Jane  08 Mar 1877Laurens County, Georgia I553 Niblett Family 
18 Faircloth, Sara Esteen  16 Nov 1915Laurens County, Georgia I634 Niblett Family 
19 Faircloth, Susie Frazier  06 Oct 1913Laurens County, Georgia I479 Niblett Family 
20 Faircloth, Tallulah F  04 Nov 1873Laurens County, Georgia I547 Niblett Family 
21 Faircloth, Thermon Jerrell  02 Dec 1925Laurens County, Georgia I486 Niblett Family 
22 Faircloth, Vivion Alexander  31 Aug 1899Laurens County, Georgia I472 Niblett Family 
23 Faircloth, William Oscar  27 Nov 1890Laurens County, Georgia I567 Niblett Family 
24 Faircloth, William Robert  05 Mar 1896Laurens County, Georgia I471 Niblett Family 
25 Fort, David Owen  30 Aug 1870Laurens County, Georgia I306898 Martin Family 
26 Fort, David Owen  1915Laurens County, Georgia I306899 Martin Family 
27 Garner, Richard Eugene  29 Sep 1947Laurens County, Georgia I305739 Martin Family 
28 Green, Sarah Catherine  27 Apr 1852Laurens County, Georgia I544 Niblett Family 
29 Guyton, Moses Josiah  24 May 1880Laurens County, Georgia I0515 Martin Family 
30 Jones, Norris Cummings  17 Sep 1891Laurens County, Georgia I307630 Martin Family 
31 Linder, Susan Myers  09 Oct 1817Laurens County, Georgia I306908 Martin Family 
32 Parker, Oliver Weeks  06 Feb 1879Laurens County, Georgia I306923 Martin Family 
33 Raffield, Bessie  1902Laurens County, Georgia I302898 Martin Family 
34 Raffield, Gainor A  13 Dec 1910Laurens County, Georgia I302902 Martin Family 
35 Raffield, Gladys  1906Laurens County, Georgia I302900 Martin Family 
36 Raffield, Johnnie Lloyd  17 Jun 1909Laurens County, Georgia I296539 Martin Family 
37 Raffield, Lizzie  1904Laurens County, Georgia I302899 Martin Family 
38 Rawls, Florence  13 Aug 1875Laurens County, Georgia I306904 Martin Family 
39 Rawls, William Patrick  21 Aug 1909Laurens County, Georgia I306889 Martin Family 
40 Rountree, Effie Kimble  27 Dec 1889Laurens County, Georgia I560 Niblett Family 
41 Taylor, Alexander  Abt 1850Laurens County, Georgia I304569 Martin Family 
42 Taylor, Elizabeth  1846Laurens County, Georgia I304567 Martin Family 
43 Taylor, Jasper  1848Laurens County, Georgia I304568 Martin Family 
44 Taylor, John James  12 Sep 1843Laurens County, Georgia I304566 Martin Family 
45 Taylor, Nancy J  Abt 1854Laurens County, Georgia I304570 Martin Family 
46 Taylor, Naomy Ailcey  Abt 1857Laurens County, Georgia I304571 Martin Family 
47 Underwood, Ziana Runette  23 May 1940Laurens County, Georgia I604 Niblett Family 
48 Wynn, Doris Louise  07 Aug 1924Laurens County, Georgia I295142 Martin Family 
49 Wynn, William Wilton  02 Aug 1901Laurens County, Georgia I295138 Martin Family 


Matches 1 to 50 of 54

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Bowen, Horton Alexander  22 Sep 1985Laurens County, Georgia I297149 Martin Family 
2 Brown, Clara Lee  21 Feb 1991Laurens County, Georgia I633 Niblett Family 
3 Cannington, Jesse Talmadge  14 Apr 1973Laurens County, Georgia I5082 Martin Family 
4 Deadwyler, Roselyn  17 Oct 1983Laurens County, Georgia I5528 Martin Family 
5 Dominy, Rachel Lavalia  18 Dec 1910Laurens County, Georgia I302897 Martin Family 
6 Evans, Lonnie  27 Jan 1962Laurens County, Georgia I983 Niblett Family 
7 Evans, Sallie Pearl  12 Sep 1979Laurens County, Georgia I641 Niblett Family 
8 Faircloth, Dorothy  11 Jun 1944Laurens County, Georgia I484 Niblett Family 
9 Faircloth, Etoile  30 Nov 1942Laurens County, Georgia I474 Niblett Family 
10 Faircloth, Homer Larry  09 Jun 1952Laurens County, Georgia I559 Niblett Family 
11 Faircloth, Kim Royce  31 Jul 1955Laurens County, Georgia I644 Niblett Family 
12 Faircloth, Luther Augustus  11 Jun 1888Laurens County, Georgia I565 Niblett Family 
13 Faircloth, Odis Keifer  09 Jan 1961Laurens County, Georgia I470 Niblett Family 
14 Faircloth, Robert Larry  31 Oct 1931Laurens County, Georgia I543 Niblett Family 
15 Faircloth, Robert Matthew  11 Dec 1897Laurens County, Georgia I564 Niblett Family 
16 Faircloth, Samantha Jane  Laurens County, Georgia I553 Niblett Family 
17 Faircloth, Sara Esteen  31 May 2003Laurens County, Georgia I634 Niblett Family 
18 Faircloth, Thermon Jerrell  21 Dec 1925Laurens County, Georgia I486 Niblett Family 
19 Faircloth, William Grafton  13 Aug 1964Laurens County, Georgia I640 Niblett Family 
20 Faircloth, William Oscar  31 Jul 1959Laurens County, Georgia I567 Niblett Family 
21 Faircloth, William Robert  31 Dec 1928Laurens County, Georgia I471 Niblett Family 
22 Fordham, Susan F  08 Sep 1927Laurens County, Georgia I302908 Martin Family 
23 Fordham, Thomas Herbert  30 Jun 1989Laurens County, Georgia I635 Niblett Family 
24 Fountain, Eva Pearl  30 Jan 1975Laurens County, Georgia I986 Niblett Family 
25 Garnto, Mattie Cornelia  24 Jul 1967Laurens County, Georgia I483 Niblett Family 
26 Garnto, Mercer M  01 Mar 1972Laurens County, Georgia I488 Niblett Family 
27 Green, Sarah Catherine  12 Nov 1922Laurens County, Georgia I544 Niblett Family 
28 Landon, Benjamin Waldon  30 Aug 1961Laurens County, Georgia I301909 Martin Family 
29 Mullis, David Malcolm  19 Sep 1941Laurens County, Georgia I985 Niblett Family 
30 NeSmith, Marvin Daniel  29 Jan 1995Laurens County, Georgia I2133 Martin Family 
31 Pate, Rebecca Elizabeth  25 Jan 1895Laurens County, Georgia I306903 Martin Family 
32 Peacock, Ira  23 Jan 1982Laurens County, Georgia I295304 Martin Family 
33 Peacock, Thelma Lee  1955Laurens County, Georgia I295301 Martin Family 
34 Peacock, William Lawson  19 Aug 1963Laurens County, Georgia I295299 Martin Family 
35 Prince, William Hugh  03 Jun 1955Laurens County, Georgia I303437 Martin Family 
36 Raffield, Gainor A  19 Mar 1911Laurens County, Georgia I302902 Martin Family 
37 Raffield, John Cecil  05 Nov 1952Laurens County, Georgia I302906 Martin Family 
38 Raffield, John William  25 May 1912Laurens County, Georgia I302907 Martin Family 
39 Raffield, John William  21 Jul 1954Laurens County, Georgia I302896 Martin Family 
40 Raffield, Johnnie Lloyd  24 Jan 1992Laurens County, Georgia I296539 Martin Family 
41 Rawls, William P  11 Jan 1918Laurens County, Georgia I306902 Martin Family 
42 Rountree, Effie Kimble  30 Sep 1958Laurens County, Georgia I560 Niblett Family 
43 Screws, Mary  01 Jun 1880Laurens County, Georgia I304617 Martin Family 
44 Stanford, Georgia E  07 Mar 1995Laurens County, Georgia I745 Niblett Family 
45 Tarbutton, Herschel Fluker  16 Aug 1974Laurens County, Georgia I297746 Martin Family 
46 Turk, Robert Finley  26 Dec 1952Laurens County, Georgia I7896 Martin Family 
47 Underwood, Mattie Lillian  30 Dec 1991Laurens County, Georgia I573 Niblett Family 
48 Underwood, Nicholas Daniel  08 Jan 1940Laurens County, Georgia I556 Niblett Family 
49 Vinson, Fred Louis  27 Jul 1956Laurens County, Georgia I0060 Martin Family 
50 Warren, Clemmie  27 Jan 1972Laurens County, Georgia I984 Niblett Family 

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Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 Rawls / Tanner  07 Mar 1906Laurens County, Georgia F138823 Martin Family 
2 Underwood / Faircloth  Jun 1910Laurens County, Georgia F189 Niblett Family 
3 Williams / Mosley  27 Jan 1918Laurens County, Georgia F136251 Martin Family 
4 Wynn / Hendrix  13 Jul 1919Laurens County, Georgia F134445 Martin Family 
5 Rawls / Granger  23 Dec 1933Laurens County, Georgia F138824 Martin Family 

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