0005aphoto (3K) Martin Family History and Ancestry


Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia

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Tree: Martin Family
City/Town : Latitude: 33.0801429, Longitude: -83.2320991

Tree: Niblett Family
City/Town : Latitude: 33.0801429, Longitude: -83.232099


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Armstrong, Annie Morris  14 Oct 1892Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I5533 Martin Family 
2 Armstrong, Claire Louise  4 Aug 1895Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I5532 Martin Family 
3 Armstrong, Harriet Caroline  07 Jul 1888Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I5534 Martin Family 
4 Armstrong, Willie Estelle  04 May 1886Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I0557 Martin Family 
5 Bayne, Adolphus Francis  1836Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I5334 Martin Family 
6 Bayne, Bertha Kate  20 Apr 1875Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I5458 Martin Family 
7 Bayne, Charles Joseph  28 Sep 1870Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I0535 Martin Family 
8 Bayne, Charles Thomas  1835Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I0513 Martin Family 
9 Bayne, Edward Stuart  21 Jan 1878Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I0446 Martin Family 
10 Bayne, George Madison  13 Oct 1889Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I7897 Martin Family 
11 Bayne, John Wesley  06 Mar 1850Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I0602 Martin Family 
12 Bayne, Lucy Ophelia  13 Aug 1881Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I5457 Martin Family 
13 Bayne, Samuel Ernest  09 Jul 1870Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I5462 Martin Family 
14 Blanks, Lawson McLester  10 Apr 1898Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I296437 Martin Family 
15 Blanks, Sarah Ida  31 Jan 1901Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I296438 Martin Family 
16 Blanks, Walter Henry Jr.  18 Jun 1903Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I296439 Martin Family 
17 Brake, Loucinda Amanda  12 Sep 1847Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I6029 Martin Family 
18 Caraker, Florence Gertrude  01 Oct 1863Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I1392 Martin Family 
19 Cochran, Willie Lou  20 Sep 1889Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I6052 Martin Family 
20 Frazier, Owen  19 Nov 1933Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I707 Niblett Family 
21 Haygood, Maude Clopton  12 Jul 1880Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I303832 Martin Family 
22 Morris, Charles Stubbs  14 Aug 1892Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I0452 Martin Family 
23 Morris, Clara Elizabeth  29 Apr 1889Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I0454 Martin Family 
24 Tollison, James Harold  23 Jun 1941Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I304563 Martin Family 
25 Tucker, Anna Belle  17 Nov 1837Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I301604 Martin Family 
26 Tucker, Corrine  11 Nov 1920Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I296549 Martin Family 
27 Tucker, Emma Susan Hansel  1844Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I301606 Martin Family 
28 Tucker, Jamie  Abt 1840Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I301647 Martin Family 
29 Tucker, Julia C  1842Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I301605 Martin Family 
30 Tucker, Mary Ann  15 Feb 1835Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I301603 Martin Family 
31 Tucker, William M  1828Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I301602 Martin Family 
32 Vinson, Belle  27 Mar 1879Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I6034 Martin Family 
33 Vinson, Benjamin Franklin  27 Sep 1875Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I6033 Martin Family 
34 Vinson, Carl  18 Nov 1883Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I0056 Martin Family 
35 Vinson, Charles Ernest  13 Oct 1866Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I6030 Martin Family 
36 Vinson, Connie Liew  27 Nov 1877Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I6104 Martin Family 
37 Vinson, Edward Eugene  27 Nov 1875Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I0470 Martin Family 
38 Vinson, Fred Louis  12 May 1892Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I0060 Martin Family 
39 Vinson, Harriet Thomas  23 May 1877Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I5637 Martin Family 
40 Vinson, Harry Clarence  02 Aug 1885Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I6036 Martin Family 
41 Vinson, Henry Crawford  10 Oct 1881Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I6105 Martin Family 
42 Vinson, Kizzy N.  04 Jan 1874Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I6103 Martin Family 
43 Vinson, Leila Crawford  01 Aug 1880Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I0059 Martin Family 
44 Vinson, Lucius Roy  22 Dec 1886Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I6037 Martin Family 
45 Vinson, Lucy Crawford  24 Dec 1869Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I6032 Martin Family 
46 Vinson, Marvin Thomas  20 Mar 1964Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I304638 Martin Family 
47 Vinson, Mary Viola  23 May 1883Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I6035 Martin Family 
48 Vinson, Morris  06 Oct 1888Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I0057 Martin Family 
49 Vinson, Nancy Elizabeth  15 Aug 1868Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I6031 Martin Family 
50 Vinson, Wilbur Henry  28 May 1894Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I0061 Martin Family 

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Matches 1 to 47 of 47

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Armstrong, William Hugh  10 Mar 1910Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I5415 Martin Family 
2 Bayne, Adolphus Francis  15 Jan 1881Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I5334 Martin Family 
3 Bayne, John Milton  4 May 1877Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I5393 Martin Family 
4 Brookins, Ann T. Nancy  Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I5404 Martin Family 
5 Caraker, Edward  May 1884Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I1397 Martin Family 
6 Caraker, Florence Gertrude  18 Nov 1939Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I1392 Martin Family 
7 Caraker, Jacob Monroe  02 Nov 1907Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I1390 Martin Family 
8 Caraker, Moses  23 May 1860Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I300680 Martin Family 
9 Dickson, Martha Crawford  16 May 1894Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I1086 Martin Family 
10 Garbutt, Gordon Smart  14 Jan 1966Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I8209 Martin Family 
11 Goode, Martha Mary Annabelle  29 Aug 1873Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I301600 Martin Family 
12 Greager, George  11 Sep 1949Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I350 Niblett Family 
13 Morris, Annie Adela  17 Aug 1937Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I5581 Martin Family 
14 Morris, Charles Lewis  23 Dec 1912Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I5592 Martin Family 
15 Morris, George Thomas  07 Apr 1989Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I0465 Martin Family 
16 Niblett, Clyde Lamar  19 Jul 1991Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I336 Niblett Family 
17 Niblett, James Doyle  14 Apr 1976Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I338 Niblett Family 
18 Niblett, Lola Mae  05 Mar 1973Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I339 Niblett Family 
19 Niblett, Mabel Esther  26 Apr 1995Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I340 Niblett Family 
20 Niblett, Thomas Austin  26 Feb 1991Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I342 Niblett Family 
21 Niblett, William Clinton  26 Nov 1960Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I335 Niblett Family 
22 Poythress, Daniel Willie Jr.  10 Oct 1950Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I294935 Martin Family 
23 Singleton, Elizabeth H.  05 May 1901Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I5381 Martin Family 
24 Singleton, Harriet Marinda  27 May 1912Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I5448 Martin Family 
25 Tollison, James Harold  19 Jun 2008Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I304563 Martin Family 
26 Tucker, Anna Belle  17 Mar 1905Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I301604 Martin Family 
27 Tucker, Daniel Harper  06 Jul 1882Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I8196 Martin Family 
28 Tucker, James R  07 Oct 1850Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I301601 Martin Family 
29 Tucker, Mary Ann  26 Aug 1905Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I301603 Martin Family 
30 Vinson, Carl  1 Jun 1981Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I0056 Martin Family 
31 Vinson, Charles Leonard  28 Jul 1984Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I304648 Martin Family 
32 Vinson, Connie Liew  10 May 1878Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I6104 Martin Family 
33 Vinson, Dora Amason  16 Apr 1909Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I1091 Martin Family 
34 Vinson, Ebenezer Calloway  25 Dec 1857Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I1085 Martin Family 
35 Vinson, Edward Eugene  1880Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I0470 Martin Family 
36 Vinson, Henry Crawford  25 Jun 1882Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I6105 Martin Family 
37 Vinson, Henry Crawford  6 Apr 1922Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I1092 Martin Family 
38 Vinson, James Terrell  23 Jul 1964Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I300109 Martin Family 
39 Vinson, John William  25 May 1908Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I1089 Martin Family 
40 Vinson, Kizzy N.  17 Sep 1875Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I6103 Martin Family 
41 Vinson, Lucy Catherine  8 Nov 1928Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I1093 Martin Family 
42 Vinson, Marvin Raymond  09 Nov 2012Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I304557 Martin Family 
43 Vinson, Marvin Thomas  09 Apr 2006Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I304638 Martin Family 
44 Vinson, Ted Arthur  08 Nov 2006Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I304637 Martin Family 
45 Vinson, Walter Dickson  23 Mar 1898Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I1095 Martin Family 
46 Williams, Margaret  22 Apr 1988Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I304654 Martin Family 
47 Williams, William Pleasant  4 Jan 1908Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia I6317 Martin Family 


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 Bayne /   Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia F0082 Martin Family 
2 Sibley / Tucker  21 Jan 1862Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia F136810 Martin Family 
3 Vinson / Brake  19 Dec 1865Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia F2516 Martin Family 
4 Cochran / Vinson  12 Dec 1888Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia F2523 Martin Family 
5 Rogers / Caraker  26 Oct 1898Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia F2279 Martin Family 
6 Deadwyler / Armstrong  01 Jan 1904Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia F1148 Martin Family 
7 Bayne / Armstrong  31 Oct 1907Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia F2008 Martin Family 
8 Laramore / Armstrong  Feb 1908Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia F1080 Martin Family 
9 Pollard / Vinson  02 Sep 1909Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia F1891 Martin Family 
10 Bennett / Morris  13 Mar 1912Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia F2839 Martin Family 
11 Bridgett / Vinson  27 Apr 1946Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia F137957 Martin Family 

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