0005aphoto (3K) Martin Family History and Ancestry


Washington, DC

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Tree: Martin Family
City/Town : Latitude: 38.8951118, Longitude: -77.0363658


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Gladys E  Abt 1905Washington, DC I303619 Martin Family 
2 Bogue, Marguerite (Peggy) Durant  10 Jun 1909Washington, DC I0987 Martin Family 
3 Bogue, Priscilla A  07 Aug 1913Washington, DC I299021 Martin Family 
4 Bruner, Timothy Ray  01 Dec 1954Washington, DC I7657 Martin Family 
5 Crampton, Albert E  10 Oct 1910Washington, DC I303629 Martin Family 
6 Crampton, Earnest U  Abt 1918Washington, DC I303631 Martin Family 
7 Crampton, John Raymond  12 Nov 1908Washington, DC I303628 Martin Family 
8 Crampton, Leroy I  06 May 1906Washington, DC I303627 Martin Family 
9 Crampton, Thelma Louise  Abt 1913Washington, DC I303630 Martin Family 
10 DeButts, Robert Edward Lee  Oct 1927Washington, DC I7474 Martin Family 
11 DeButts, William Hunter  Sep 1929Washington, DC I7475 Martin Family 
12 Dent, Elizabeth  08 Feb 1869Washington, DC I303162 Martin Family 
13 Fitzhugh, Bertha Linton  Abt Sep 1887Washington, DC I7581 Martin Family 
14 Fitzhugh, Mary Margaret  17 Feb 1874Washington, DC I5379 Martin Family 
15 Fleming, Robert Wright  26 Aug 1918Washington, DC I306026 Martin Family 
16 Goodrick, Mary Dorothy  May 1866Washington, DC I303633 Martin Family 
17 Grant, Julia Dent  07 Jun 1876Washington, DC I308764 Martin Family 
18 Higdon, Grace E  04 Jan 1897Washington, DC I307599 Martin Family 
19 Hixson, Clayton Allan  04 Dec 1935Washington, DC I303404 Martin Family 
20 Hixson, Clayton Howard  27 Feb 1902Washington, DC I299022 Martin Family 
21 Hixson, Michael Jarvis  28 Mar 1937Washington, DC I303403 Martin Family 
22 Knowles, Edna Gertrude  10 Jan 1892Washington, DC I303781 Martin Family 
23 Landrum, Louis Reuben  27 May 1892Washington, DC I309201 Martin Family 
24 Linton, Arthur Wellington  12 Nov 1866Washington, DC I5223 Martin Family 
25 Linton, Bertha Atwell  11 Mar 1862Washington, DC I3112 Martin Family 
26 Linton, Caroline Sewell  27 Sep 1854Washington, DC I4557 Martin Family 
27 Linton, Edward Hall  17 Apr 1865Washington, DC I5001 Martin Family 
28 Linton, Evelyn Louise  20 Mar 1893Washington, DC I0372 Martin Family 
29 Linton, Francis Surget  21 Oct 1859Washington, DC I4668 Martin Family 
30 Linton, Harry Appleton  10 Apr 1861Washington, DC I4779 Martin Family 
31 Linton, John Augustine  15 Aug 1847Washington, DC I4001 Martin Family 
32 Linton, Julia Dumscomb  16 Jan 1887Washington, DC I0370 Martin Family 
33 Linton, Richard Blatchford  9 Sep 1852Washington, DC I4223 Martin Family 
34 Linton, Robert Morten  12 Nov 1866Washington, DC I5112 Martin Family 
35 Linton, Sally M.  9 Sep 1853Washington, DC I4334 Martin Family 
36 Linton, Theodore Frank Grosvenor  6 Jan 1851Washington, DC I4112 Martin Family 
37 Linton, Thomas Berry  17 Apr 1865Washington, DC I4890 Martin Family 
38 Linton, Ulle Chichester  20 Jun 1912Washington, DC I0385 Martin Family 
39 Linton, Virginia  9 Sep 1853Washington, DC I4446 Martin Family 
40 Linton, William Augustine  26 Oct 1846Washington, DC I3890 Martin Family 
41 Linton, William Chichester  26 Sep 1888Washington, DC I0371 Martin Family 
42 Merchant, Edward Lawrence  10 Jul 1925Washington, DC I307600 Martin Family 
43 Merchant, Emma Louisa  24 May 1927Washington, DC I307603 Martin Family 
44 Merchant, John A  1929Washington, DC I307602 Martin Family 
45 Merchant, Raymond Eugene  16 Jul 1932Washington, DC I307601 Martin Family 
46 Moore, Michael Allen  05 Feb 1946Washington, DC I307981 Martin Family 
47 Morgan, Doris E  Abt 1919Washington, DC I298958 Martin Family 
48 Morgan, Fred L  Abt 1888Washington, DC I298956 Martin Family 
49 Morgan, Margaret Lucille  07 Aug 1915Washington, DC I0386 Martin Family 
50 Munday, Lillian  Mar 1887Washington, DC I303626 Martin Family 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Giuseppina  1904Washington, DC I303610 Martin Family 
2 Adams, John Quincy  23 Feb 1848Washington, DC I3792 Martin Family 
3 Bogue, Albert Franklin  16 Nov 1942Washington, DC I5995 Martin Family 
4 Chichester, Charlotte F  29 Aug 1908Washington, DC I304258 Martin Family 
5 Chichester, Sarah Catherine  30 Jun 1937Washington, DC I0368 Martin Family 
6 Christian, Letitia  10 Sep 1842Washington, DC I1651 Martin Family 
7 Christianson, Edward George  30 Jun 1986Washington, DC I2913 Martin Family 
8 Crampton, Albert I  Aug 1964Washington, DC I303625 Martin Family 
9 Dent, Frederick Fayette  15 Dec 1873Washington, DC I8059 Martin Family 
10 Dent, Julia Boggs  14 Dec 1902Washington, DC I8061 Martin Family 
11 Dent, Lewis  28 Mar 1874Washington, DC I8103 Martin Family 
12 Dent, Ulysses Grant  07 Nov 1930Washington, DC I303160 Martin Family 
13 Fitzhugh, Bertha Linton  4 Jul 1888Washington, DC I7581 Martin Family 
14 Fitzhugh, Julia Grant  24 Jun 1873Washington, DC I5377 Martin Family 
15 Freese, Russell R  22 Jul 1970Washington, DC I0406 Martin Family 
16 Goodrick, Mary Dorothy  13 Feb 1931Washington, DC I303633 Martin Family 
17 Grant, Julia Dent  04 Oct 1975Washington, DC I308764 Martin Family 
18 Harrison, William Henry  4 Apr 1841Washington, DC I5604 Martin Family 
19 Honore, Ida Marie  05 Sep 1930Washington, DC I308763 Martin Family 
20 Jarvis, Laura Marguerite  1942Washington, DC I5996 Martin Family 
21 Jennings, Rufus Floyd  20 Jul 1982Washington, DC I7882 Martin Family 
22 Johnson, Clara Josephine  22 Nov 1916Washington, DC I304268 Martin Family 
23 Johnson, Louisa Catherine  15 May 1852Washington, DC I3797 Martin Family 
24 Linton, Arthur Wellington  12 Nov 1866Washington, DC I5223 Martin Family 
25 Linton, Caroline Sewell  02 Mar 1883Washington, DC I4557 Martin Family 
26 Linton, Edward Hall  17 Apr 1865Washington, DC I5001 Martin Family 
27 Linton, Harry Appleton  6 Mar 1862Washington, DC I4779 Martin Family 
28 Linton, John Augustine  12 May 1912Washington, DC I4001 Martin Family 
29 Linton, Sally M.  9 Sep 1853Washington, DC I4334 Martin Family 
30 Linton, Virginia  9 Sep 1853Washington, DC I4446 Martin Family 
31 Linton, William Augustine  12 May 1912Washington, DC I3890 Martin Family 
32 McArthur, John Thomas  31 Oct 1949Washington, DC I300775 Martin Family 
33 Merchant, Edward Lawrence  06 Jan 2007Washington, DC I307600 Martin Family 
34 Merchant, Emma Louisa  26 Oct 1927Washington, DC I307603 Martin Family 
35 Mumford, Caroline Matilda  11 Mar 1843Washington, DC I5509 Martin Family 
36 Munday, Edith Pearl  04 Mar 1902Washington, DC I303634 Martin Family 
37 Sansone, Liberante Louis  25 Mar 1933Washington, DC I303606 Martin Family 
38 Williams, Isaac M.  27 Oct 1940Washington, DC I0373 Martin Family 


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 Laurence / Monroe  9 Mar 1820Washington, DC F1571 Martin Family 
2 Corse / Fitzhugh  10 Jan 1849Washington, DC F0936 Martin Family 
3 Bogue / Jarvis  10 Jun 1908Washington, DC F0035 Martin Family 
4 Linton / Ulle  15 Aug 1911Washington, DC F1847 Martin Family 
5 Williams / Linton  15 Apr 1916Washington, DC F1845 Martin Family 
6 Freese / Linton  13 Mar 1918Washington, DC F1856 Martin Family 
7 Merchant / Higdon  09 Feb 1924Washington, DC F139094 Martin Family 
8 Bayne / Bogue  24 May 1935Washington, DC F2109 Martin Family 
9 Bayne / Fietzer  10 Jan 1945Washington, DC F2938 Martin Family 

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