0005aphoto (3K) Martin Family History and Ancestry


Madisonville, Saint Tammany, Louisiana


Tree: Martin Family

City/Town : Latitude: 30.4061752, Longitude: -90.1562506


Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Badeaux, Henry C  1872Madisonville, Saint Tammany, Louisiana I9698
2 Badeaux, Henry T  Aug 1898Madisonville, Saint Tammany, Louisiana I9706
3 Davis, Marie Cecelia  5 Sep 1903Madisonville, Saint Tammany, Louisiana I300373
4 Dragg, Matthew A.  02 Nov 1905Madisonville, Saint Tammany, Louisiana I300042
5 Galatas, Arthur Hypolite  6 May 1881Madisonville, Saint Tammany, Louisiana I9691
6 Galatas, Delphine  18 Sep 1893Madisonville, Saint Tammany, Louisiana  I9694
7 Galatas, Earl Louis  1 Apr 1918Madisonville, Saint Tammany, Louisiana I9654
8 Galatas, Marie Odette  Nov 1882Madisonville, Saint Tammany, Louisiana I9692
9 Galatas, Odelia  30 Jun 1868Madisonville, Saint Tammany, Louisiana  I8400
10 Galatas, Ola V  8 May 1895Madisonville, Saint Tammany, Louisiana I9639
11 Galatas, Olympia Josephine  Apr 1887Madisonville, Saint Tammany, Louisiana  I9693
12 Galatas, Robert Ernest  25 Sep 1894Madisonville, Saint Tammany, Louisiana I8405
13 Galatas, Rudolph  15 Jun 1871Madisonville, Saint Tammany, Louisiana I8401
14 Galatas, Walter  9 Jun 1879Madisonville, Saint Tammany, Louisiana I9690
15 Galatas, William Rudolph  30 Sep 1877Madisonville, Saint Tammany, Louisiana I9689
16 Hayno, George Hollister  22 Jul 1950Madisonville, Saint Tammany, Louisiana  I9855
17 Hoover, Anna Ella  Oct 1888Madisonville, Saint Tammany, Louisiana I0073
18 Hoover, James Rudolph  22 Feb 1887Madisonville, Saint Tammany, Louisiana I294970
19 Koppenol, Claud Marshall  30 Mar 1936Madisonville, Saint Tammany, Louisiana I0066
20 Koppenol, Howard Hershel  13 Feb 1935Madisonville, Saint Tammany, Louisiana I0236
21 Koppenol, Iris Ann  17 Aug 1942Madisonville, Saint Tammany, Louisiana I7481
22 Koppenol, Jerry Rudolph  15 Nov 1941Madisonville, Saint Tammany, Louisiana I0067
23 Koppenol, Rudolph Henry  2 Apr 1914Madisonville, Saint Tammany, Louisiana I0064
24 Koppenol, William Thomas  1 Nov 1938Madisonville, Saint Tammany, Louisiana I0065
25 McMorris, Anne Marie  27 Feb 1937Madisonville, Saint Tammany, Louisiana I294984
26 Meyers, Walker Hebert  22 Oct 1933Madisonville, Saint Tammany, Louisiana I295455
27 Morse, Ann  8 Nov 1922Madisonville, Saint Tammany, Louisiana I7575
28 Morse, Esther Irma  27 Aug 1917Madisonville, Saint Tammany, Louisiana I7477
29 Wager, Louise  18 Dec 1906Madisonville, Saint Tammany, Louisiana I300043
30 Wilson, Patricia Irene  17 Nov 1950Madisonville, Saint Tammany, Louisiana I295393


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Baham, Frances Ophelia  18 Apr 1903Madisonville, Saint Tammany, Louisiana I298038
2 Davis, Moses Henry  9 Aug 1917Madisonville, Saint Tammany, Louisiana I9707
3 Galatas, Rudolph  4 Dec 1948Madisonville, Saint Tammany, Louisiana I8401
4 Galatas, Rudolph Francis  21 Feb 1903Madisonville, Saint Tammany, Louisiana I298037
5 Hayno, George Hollister  25 Sep 2001Madisonville, Saint Tammany, Louisiana I9875
6 Hayno, George Hollister  16 Aug 2013Madisonville, Saint Tammany, Louisiana  I9855
7 Heughan, Lawton William  1945Madisonville, Saint Tammany, Louisiana I9676
8 Koppenol, Claud Marshall  Mar 1986Madisonville, Saint Tammany, Louisiana I0066
9 Koppenol, Harry Roland  1 May 1983Madisonville, Saint Tammany, Louisiana I5276
10 Koppenol, Rudolph Henry  29 Dec 1973Madisonville, Saint Tammany, Louisiana I0064
11 Koppenol, William Thomas  3 Oct 1996Madisonville, Saint Tammany, Louisiana I0065
12 LeBlanc, Milton Ray  1 May 2005Madisonville, Saint Tammany, Louisiana I9823
13 Morse, Ann  21 May 2010Madisonville, Saint Tammany, Louisiana I7575
14 Morse, Chester Walter  Oct 1976Madisonville, Saint Tammany, Louisiana I7572
15 Morse, Esther Irma  18 Nov 2005Madisonville, Saint Tammany, Louisiana I7477
16 Parker, Erin Elizabeth  29 Aug 2019Madisonville, Saint Tammany, Louisiana I295378
17 Parker, Simeon B  27 Mar 1986Madisonville, Saint Tammany, Louisiana I9815
18 Perrilloux, Alma Victorine  7 Dec 2008Madisonville, Saint Tammany, Louisiana I9817
19 Revere, Mark Joseph  29 Dec 2005Madisonville, Saint Tammany, Louisiana I9836
20 Scott, Dalton Gerald  19 Nov 1994Madisonville, Saint Tammany, Louisiana I304801
21 Wager, Louise  30 Oct 1998Madisonville, Saint Tammany, Louisiana I300043
22 Windstein, Rita Catherine  12 Apr 2004Madisonville, Saint Tammany, Louisiana I294960
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