0005aphoto (3K) Martin Family History and Ancestry


New York, New York


Tree: Martin Family

City/Town : Latitude: 40.7142691, Longitude: -74.0059729


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Blatchford, Julia Alicia  8 Aug 1830New York, New York I13124
2 Blatchford, Mary Milford  29 Oct 1823New York, New York I13123
3 Blatchford, Sophia Ethelinda  25 May 1836New York, New York I13126
4 Byrd, Robert Wilson Hudson  17 May 1946New York, New York I11732
5 Clare, Cornelius Heeny  24 Sep 1828New York, New York I306737
6 Clare, Mary Josephine  26 Mar 1830New York, New York I306738
7 Clark, Eleanor Mary  5 Oct 1916New York, New York I15603
8 Clark, Robert Francis  17 Apr 1922New York, New York I15610
9 Clark, William Joseph  14 Apr 1881New York, New York I15607
10 Clark, William Stevens  1914New York, New York I15609
11 Coleman, Harriett Ann  21 Mar 1928New York, New York I16893
12 Conmee, Marion Rheresa  5 Nov 1901New York, New York I17504
13 Dalton, Malcolm George  21 Nov 1922New York, New York I8795
14 Dunscomb, Andrew  02 Mar 1798New York, New York I303006
15 Dunscomb, Caroline M  13 Nov 1824New York, New York I306805
16 Dunscomb, Daniel Edward  9 Apr 1787New York, New York I5510
17 Dunscomb, Edward  23 May 1754New York, New York I7422
18 Dunscomb, Edward A  12 May 1817New York, New York I306803
19 Dunscomb, Garret Abeel  Nov 1817New York, New York I303019
20 Dunscomb, George Washington  21 Jul 1797New York, New York I303007
21 Dunscomb, Harriet  03 Mar 1795New York, New York I303008
22 Dunscomb, James Christopher Roosevelt  1831New York, New York I303021
23 Dunscomb, Julius Mumford  3 Apr 1836New York, New York I306806
24 Dunscomb, Mary Ellsworth  Abt 1831New York, New York I303022
25 Dunscomb, Mary Harriet  22 Mar 1821New York, New York I306804
26 Eckstein, Richard Alan  03 Aug 1938New York, New York I302290
27 Graham, Anna Geraldine  30 Apr 1923New York, New York I19023
28 Hankinson, Christopher Ker  27 Apr 1940New York, New York I10405
29 Haven, Ethel Latimer  20 Feb 1906New York, New York I9200
30 Hone, Philip  25 Oct 1780New York, New York I13122
31 Johnson, Anna Maria  13 Sep 1831New York, New York I302535
32 Kortright, Elizabeth  30 Jun 1768New York, New York I1649
33 LaBan, Richard Kenneth  16 Dec 1913New York, New York I295764
34 Lewis, Vahrah Mae  2 Oct 1892New York, New York I306045
35 Mabry, Susan Haven  15 Feb 1944New York, New York I9198
36 MacKay, Roxanne Renee  28 Dec 1929New York, New York I305161
37 Martin, Gordon Taylor  15 Mar 1900New York, New York I309189
38 Mougenel, George Robert  22 Feb 1923`New York, New York I305160
39 Mumford, Caroline Matilda  Abt 1798New York, New York I5509
40 Mumford, Julia Ann  24 Jul 1798New York, New York I6338
41 Pearsall, Robert Andrew  15 Aug 1949New York, New York I304686
42 Roosevelt, Anna Eleanor  11 Oct 1884New York, New York I4492
43 Schlessel, Katherine  22 Apr 1890New York, New York I16341
44 Schlickmann, Loretta  4 Jul 1886New York, New York I16761
45 Spiegalglass, Abraham Bennett  11 Feb 1886New York, New York I16340
46 Spiegalglass, Harold Lawrence  31 Jan 1910New York, New York I16332
47 Stevens, Eleanor Lohn  11 Nov 1888New York, New York I15608
48 Stevens, Elizabeth  1884New York, New York I15611
49 Stevens, James Gardner  11 Feb 1849New York, New York I15612
50 Stevens, James Robert  24 Aug 1885New York, New York I15616

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Blatchford, Julia Alicia  24 Nov 1831New York, New York I13124
2 Bush, Prescott Sheldon  8 Oct 1972New York, New York I4207
3 Clare, Cornelius Heeny  14 Jun 1861New York, New York I306737
4 Clare, Joseph  Oct 1859New York, New York I306736
5 Clark, William Joseph  29 Feb 1952New York, New York I15607
6 Doggett, John Locke Jr  17 Mar 1959New York, New York I8752
7 Dunscomb, Andrew  08 Jun 1810New York, New York I303006
8 Dunscomb, Caroline M  04 Dec 1896New York, New York I306805
9 Dunscomb, Edward  12 Nov 1814New York, New York I7422
10 Dunscomb, Edward A  27 Oct 1852New York, New York I306803
11 Dunscomb, Samuel Spraggs  05 Apr 1863New York, New York I303010
12 Grant, Frederick Dent  11 Apr 1912New York, New York I8063
13 Hone, Philip  5 May 1851New York, New York I13122
14 Jenkins, Mary  7 Mar 1924New York, New York I15613
15 McEwan, John James  9 Aug 1970New York, New York I298314
16 Monroe, James  4 Jul 1831New York, New York I5469
17 Mumford, Julia Ann  23 Dec 1857New York, New York I6338
18 Ormond, Alexander Clark  03 Dec 2000New York, New York I308303
19 Pipher, Daniel Joseph  20 May 2010New York, New York I302839
20 Schuyler, Philip Jeremiah  21 Feb 1835New York, New York I13118
21 Singleton, Charles Warren  11 Oct 1907New York, New York I7892
22 Singleton, Sarah Angelica  29 Dec 1878New York, New York I0610
23 Slattery, Ella J.  12 Jun 1893New York, New York I297076
24 Stevens, Elizabeth  1955New York, New York I15611
25 Van Buren, Abraham  15 Mar 1873New York, New York I0626
26 Walker, George Herbert  24 Jun 1953New York, New York I4788


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Blatchford / Mumford  17 May 1819New York, New York F2730
2 Bush / Fay  New York, New York F1054
3 Coldeira / Bower  23 Jan 1943New York, New York F7037
4 Condict / Vinson  11 Mar 1935New York, New York F2518
5 Keese / Mumford  1810New York, New York F2653
6 Monroe / Kortright  16 Feb 1786New York, New York F2360
7 Peacock / Clark  27 Dec 1943New York, New York F6057
8 Tyler / Gardiner  26 Jun 1844New York, New York F2362
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